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  1. About mokokchung

    Mokochung is a ton located in the beautiful state of Nagaland. This city is widely famous for its natural bliss of the Naga hills, the architecture and glimpse of the British rule of the 19th century, the Christmas and new year celebrations and attractive tourist destinations. People of Mokochung generally follow Christianity and thus the christian festivals like Christmas and new year are celebrated with fun and excitement. This place is a cultural and tourist hub of Nagaland with amazing caves and villages which would offer a great tour plan for your holidays!

  2. Who should visit the city?

    Anyone,Nature Lovers

    Best time to visit (months)

    Season-1 : August - November | Season-2 : December - March

    How to reach?

    By Road

    Buses are available from Kohima and dimapur regularly to visit Mokokchung

    By Train

    Mokokchung does not have a railway station and thus for rail travel, the nearest railway station is Dimapur, 91KM away from where taxis and cabs are available

    By Air

    Mokokchung does not have an airport and the nearest airports are Jorhart in Assam of Dimapur in Nagaland and can get taxis, buses or cabs from there



    Min Temp: 15°C - Max Temp: 25°C


    Min Temp: 10°C - Max Temp: 25°C


    Min Temp: 5°C - Max Temp: 25°C

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    Best fair, festivals and attractions

    The best tourist attractions of Mokokchung are Molung village, Ugma village, LongKhum, Mopungchuket, langpangcong caves and much more. The festivals and fairs of Mokokchunga are pow wow festival, the winter carnival, the harvest festival and much more

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