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  1. About sawai madhopur

    Sawai Madhopur was built by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh of The Kachwaha Rajputs and was founded in 1763. The Ranthambore forests were the hunting grounds for the Kachwaha Rajputs of Jaipur till the time India received its independence. After independence it was established as the Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary and it rose to being a tiger reserve in 1973 and got its national park status in 1980.Ranthambore National Park is one of the biggest and most renowned national park in Northern India which is about 130 km from Jaipur One should also visit the Ranthambore fort, which is a part of the UNESCO world heritage site.

  2. Who should visit the city?

    Wildlife Lovers

    Best time to visit (months)

    Season-1 : October - February | Season-2 : March - June

    How to reach?

    By Road

    Sawai Madhopur has a well connectivity by road. Sawai Madhopur can be easily reached by road as well. There are well-maintained roads linking it to tourism destinations in Rajasthan and its neighbouring states including (Agra 226 km), Bharatpur (166 km), Delhi (434 km), and Jaipur (180 km). Tourist may hire taxi or go by their own car.

    By Train

    The railway network connects Sawai Madhopur with Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities in Western India.

    By Air

    The nearest airport is in Jaipur, 180 kms away.



    Min Temp: 40°C - Max Temp: 50°C


    Min Temp: 20°C - Max Temp: 35°C


    Min Temp: 5°C - Max Temp: 15°C

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    Best fair, festivals and attractions

    The main fair and festivals are Ganesh Chaturthi Fair, Chauth Mata Fair, KalyanJi Fair. The main attractions are Ganesh Temple, Ranthambore National Park ,Chamatkar Temple, Chauth Mata Temple, Kala Gaura Bhairav Temple, Padam Talao Ranthambore Fort.

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